I’m Fede and this is what I do.

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Translation and interpreting

I obtained my degree in Translation and Intepreting from the University of Salamanca and my master's in Conference Interpreting from the University of Heidelberg.

Graphic and multimedia

I usually explain my job to family and friends by saying I take the text produced by my translator colleagues and make it look as nice as the original asset did.

Minoritized languages

Most people who are into languages explore sooner or later less common languages: be it constructed, signed or somehow marginalized. Here's where I found my true passion.

Argentinian folklore

In Argentina, the basics of traditional dances are usually taught at school. I myself always wanted more than that. Nowadays I regularly teach Argentinian folklore with a focus on the social relevance of the dance.

My background

I was born in the Argentinian Pampas and have spent most of my life moving from one place to another. Raised between Asturies (Spain) and Salta (Argentina), for University I moved to Castille and my career took me to Holland and ultimately South and West Germany.

Currently based in Bonn, I combine my work in the Localization industry with my passion for minority languages and traditional dance. I am good at cooking and doing tax returns and bad at jogging or picking outfits.